Thursday 28th October 2004
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Conference Contents

“The Music Industry - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed...”

Antony Bebawi

-Something old - An introduction to the main players in the traditional music industry

-Something old - An introduction to the main traditional forms of exploitation and licensing 

-Something new - New forms of exploitation from internet to mobile

-Something new - Licensing music for new media application

-Something borrowed - The peer to peer debate

“The Freedom Of Information Act 2000 - Are You Ready For The Right To Know?”

Sarah Brown

Freedom of Information Act 2000, a review

The right to know

-the exempt information

-regulation and the Information Commissioner

-relationship with the Data Protection Act

The right to know in action

-how the Act can be put to the test by the media

-a review of recent challenges

-the future of open government

Freedom of information across the globe

-review of how effective equivalent legislation has been in other commonwealth countries and the US

"The Implications In Practice Of The Interface Between Intellectual Property And The Internet."

Jonathan Cornthwaite

-Copyright and the internet, with particular reference to the UK’s implementation of the EU Copyright Directive

-Database rights and the information society

-Domain names, including the current position on the .eu domain name

-Trade marks and the internet

-Patents online, and computer-implemented inventions

-Confidentiality and cryptography support services

"Competing Rights: Privacy And Freedom Of Expression"

Robert Deacon

-The balance to be struck between privacy and freedom of expression

-Beyond contractual terms should the law only protect genuine privacy and not the publicity value of personal revelations?

-The value of Douglas v Hello and Naomi Campbell

-Regulating the press

-A chilling effect

-Where do we go from here?

A Practical Guide To Due Diligence And Intellectual Property

Garry Mackay

-Importance of due diligence in respect of intellectual property - when and how

-Identifying intellectual property

-Assessing title

-Assessing viability

-Valuations and intellectual property

-Practical considerations

An Update On Recent Important And Interesting Media Related Cases

Jamie Riley

The objective of this presentation is to ensure that the busy practitioner will not only be aware of but will also have an understanding of the important media related cases which have arisen in the last year