Wednesday 31st October 2007
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6 Hours CPD - Law Society and Bar Council Accredited

Conference Contents

The conference is aimed at media, entertainment and intellectual property lawyers, newspaper/ magazine editorial personnel and journalists, radio/ television broadcasters and presenters and all other executives who work in the media, entertainment, intellectual property or internet field. The objective of the conference is to examine in detail the most important and topical legal issues which are of concern to those with an interest in media, entertainment and intellectual property law.

Developments In Copyright And Like Rights

Stephen Bate - 5RB

The presentation will deal with the following:

-The Da Vinci Code litigation; copyright, facts and invention.

-Fisher v Booker. Musical copyright revisited.

-A round up of litigation relating to internet use.

-Other cases, developments and issues.

Format Rights - Format Wrongs - How To Protect Your Format

Jonathan Coad - Swan Turton

The format trade is now worth well over 2 billion per annum. The American Idol format alone was recently valued at $ 2.5 billion. The law in this area is, however, far from certain. Despite this, vast sums of money change hands for this species of intellectual property for which there is no statutory recognition anywhere in the world. How then do you give yourself the best chance of protecting your format as a copyright work? What do you do if you find that you are developing a format which is too close to another format for comfort? What do you do about copycats in your own territory or overseas? This seminar answers those questions.

Intellectual Property: Reforms, Reports, Reviews .... And Road Maps

Jonathan Cornthwaite - Wedlake Bell

Recent months have seen a frenzy of high-profile IP strategy papers, reform proposals, reviews and "road-maps" issued by both governments and non-governmental organisations that have pushed IP law even further up the international agenda. In this presentation we shall be casting an eye over them, and picking out from them a number of issues of practical importance to businesses that own or use intellectual property.

"Maintaining The Status Quo". Record Royalties - Protecting The Right To Your Share

Robert Deacon - 11 Stone Buildings

Probably the most important and detailed clause in a recording agreement is the royalty payment clause. Occasionally an artist/band will discover several years down the line that he/they have not been paid all the record royalties which were due to him/them. This presentation will examine how to pursue a claim for unpaid record royalties and will look at inter alia: Recoupment of advances paid by the record company.
 - Partnership rights amongst the band members. The liability to account on the part of the record company and/or the continuing band members who have got hold of the money.
 - Limitation especially in relation to 
   (i) whether those holding the monies are trustees and
   (ii) concealment (not letting on that the advances have been recouped and that the royalty flow is beginning to flow again).
 - Lancaster v Handel (the Status Quo case) and the judgment in the case which is expected will be handed down in September.

Hot Topics in Advertising Law

Elizabeth Mehdevy - Hextalls LLP

This presentation will deal with the following:
 - Comparative Advertising and the new Comparative Advertising Directive.
 - Pitfalls to be wary of
 - trademarks & passing off.
 - Implication of the Gambling Act 2005 on prize promotions.
 - London Olympic & Paralympic Games Act 2005.
 - Ambush marketing.
 - Mobile marketing.
 - Applying existing legislation to new media.
 - Data protection issues.

Privacy Intrusion, Harassment And Resort To Subterfuge - The Current State Of Play In Press Regulation

Professor Robert Pinker - International Consultant at the UK Press Complaints Commission

Over the past year, the Courts and the PCC have dealt with a number of high profile actions and complaints about privacy intrusion and other related issues. Some of the legal judgements have potentially significant implications for the future development of press self-regulation in the United Kingdom. These issues will be explored in this presentation.

Where Football, Law And The Media Collide - A Look At Recent Legal Developments

Simon Thorp - Onside Law LLP

This presentation will deal with the following:
 - Breaking BSKYB's monopoly
 - The BSKYB/Setanta deal with the Premier League.
 - The BSKYB case against publicans who use foreign decoders for the transmission of Premiership matches.
 - The David Beckham/LA Galaxy deal - a look at the media rights involved.
 - Third party ownership of players and their media rights.