Tuesday 17th May 2005
Sport And The Law

The Fourth Annual Sport And The Law Conference




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The conference will be chaired by Ian Blackshaw - Court of Arbitration for Sport and Murray Rosen QC


Conference Contents:

“Protecting And Exploiting Sports Image Rights”

Ian Blackshaw - Court of Arbitration for Sport

-What are image rights?

-In what ways can they be legally protected?

-The position in the UK, rest of Europe and US.

-How can they be exploited commercially?

-Legal remedies for infringements.

-Alternative ways of settling disputes.

“Media Issues in Sport”

Robert Deacon - 11 Stone Buildings


-Event Rights.

-Image Rights.


-Passing Off.


“Disciplinary Hearings In Sports”

Rory MacNeice and Carl Steele - Ashfords

-The Disciplinary Process.

-Impact on existing contractual arrangements, including sponsorship or endorsements.

-Managing the process.

-Considering the wider implications.

“Dispute Resolution In Sport”

Nick Parfitt - 11 Stone Buildings

-Litigation, tribunals and other ways of getting it sorted.

-An overview of the different methods by which disputes can be addressed within the sporting context, the pros and cons of each, the relationships between them and the various options that are open to the disputants.

“The Courts Jurisdiction To Review The Decisions Of Sporting Disciplinary Tribunals”

Tim Penny - 11 Stone Buildings

“London 2012 - Sport At Heart”

Mike Power - London 2012 Ltd

“Recent Cases Of Interest In Sports Law”

Murray Rosen QC

The objectives of this presentation are to ensure that the busy practitioner will not only be aware of but will also have an understanding of the important sports related cases which have arisen in the last year.

“Regulating the Integrity of Sport.”

Michele Verroken - Sporting Integrity.

This presentation will examine the integrity issues facing sport and explain some of the ways that sports are regulating their integrity, in particular the difference made by the World Anti-Doping Code to the problem of drugs in sport. The presentation will also reference the intervention of government to regulate particular integrity aspects in sport and focus upon the potential impact of the forthcoming UNESCO Convention on anti-doping and will also deal with the following:

-What are sport's main integrity challenges?

-How is sport managing integrity issues?

-What legislative framework influences sporting integrity?

-The World Anti-Doping Code - how is it making a difference?

-Worldwide regulation, is this the best way forward?