Sport And The Law - Thursday 15th May 2008




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Conference Chairman - Ian Blackshaw - Asser International Sports Law Centre, The Hague


Conference Contents:

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“The EU White Paper On Sport: Its Legal And Practical Implications”

Ian Blackshaw - Asser International Sports Law Centre, The Hague


- The EU and Sport

- The evolution of the "White Paper"

- Its relevance to the business and governance of sport

- The EU Reform Treaty

- Future prospects

“Private Information About Sports Stars – How Far Is It Really Respected And Protected?”

Robert Deacon - 11 Stone Buildings


- What is actually being protected by the so called "right to privacy"?

- The rationale of protection and Art 8 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. 

- The competing interests of free speech. 

- The value (particularly commercial value) attributable to the celebrity persona and the extent to which it can be protected.

- The special case of photographs.

- The extent to which publication of unauthorised photographs can be controlled

“Sponsorship: An Overview Of The Key Legal Issues”

James Hennigan - Hammonds


- Types of Sponsorship

- Rights of the Sponsor

- Obligations of the Sponsor and Sponsored Party

- Intellectual Property Rights - Trade Marks, Copyright, Ambush Marketing 

- The key terms of/and what you should achieve from your Sponsorship Contracts

“Ambush Marketing: Criminal Offence or Free Enterprise?”

Luisa Leone - Hewitsons


The arguments in favour of banning ambush marketing are often aired to justify the often draconian legislation introduced to protect major sporting events from ambushers. This presentation will air the various arguments against such legislative bans, its central theme being that anti-ambush legislation will benefit neither sport nor the economy. In raising these arguments, the presentation will also explain the phenomenon of ambush marketing and alternative non-legal methods for combating it, as well as consider specific legislative developments (e.g., the London Olympics Games Act 2006).

“The Equality Act 2006 And The Opportunities For Sport”

Elizabeth Mehdevy - Hextalls LLP


- Overview of the Act

- What is a "public authority"?

- Obligations imposed by the Act

- Opportunities for Sport

- The impact on and growth of women's sport

“Current Regulatory Issues In Sport”

Simon Thorp - Onside Law LLP


- The adidas three stripes case

- Third party ownership of players

- Breakaway leagues

- Kolpak/Cotonou players

“Legal And Practical Challenges Of WADA Code Compliance”

Michele Verroken - Sporting Integrity


- The recent changes to the Code agreed in Madrid in November 2007

- The legal challenges and contractual risks for sports organisations and sponsors

- The implications for data management under the new privacy standard

- Athlete whereabouts under the revised testing standard