Sport And The Law - 2009

Sport And The Law - The 2009 Conference

The Eighth Annual Sport And The Law Conference

Thursday 21st May 2009

CPD accredited by The Law Society and The Bar Council for 6 hours CPD

For booking information, please download a pdf brochure or contact Nigel Lipton for a printed copy.

Conference Contents

Conference Chairman - Ian Blackshaw - TMC Asser Instituut - The Hague

Settling International Sports Business Disputes by ADR

Speaker - Ian Blackshaw TMC Asser Instituut - The Hague

This presentation will deal with the following:-

  • The Business of Sport

  • Dispute Resolution: Traditional versus Modern

  • What is ADR and its Advantages?

  • Forms of ADR

  • Mediation and Med-Arb

  • Case Study

  • Conclusions

Protecting A Sportsman's Privacy After Max Mosley

Speaker - Robert Deacon - 11 Stone Buildings

This presentation will deal with the following:-

  • How far can sports people expect to protect their privacy from "kiss and tell" stories?

  • How can sports people expect their privacy to be respected

  • How far are the courts to expect sports people to be role models? How does that affect their right to privacy

  • Long distance lens photography. What is the zone of private space that the high profile sports personality can expect to be respected

The Anti-Ambush Manual - A Discussion On How To Protect Against Ambush Marketing

Speaker - Luisa Leone - Hewitsons LLP

    This presentation will review ambush marketing tactics and the steps which sponsors and event organisers can take to protect against them. Legal and non-legal measures have to be adopted, particularly against the more creative ambushers. Such ambushers tend to avoid direct statements that the ambusher is an official sponsor of the relevant event or team and are careful not to infringe the sponsor's or event organiser's registered trade marks. The presentation will review both kinds of anti-ambush measures and give examples of successful anti-ambush campaigns.

Match Fixing And The Anti-Corruption Code In Tennis

Speaker - Jamie Singer - Onside Law LLP

This presentation will deal with the following:-

  • Introduction

  • Tanking

  • Corrupt Officials

  • Misuse Of Confidential Information

  • Non-Outcome Orientated Corruption

  • Match Fixing

  • Tennis Integrity Review

  • Uniform Tennis Anti Corruption Programme

Regulations Have To Be Workable To Be Respected.  A Lesson In A Missed Opportunity.
The FA Agents Regulations September 2007 And Where It Has All Gone Wrong.

Speaker - Mel Stein - Clintons

This presentation will deal with the following:-

  • Dual representation and duality . Is there a difference?

  • Does it matter who pays as long as everybody knows who is being paid, by whom and how much?

  • Is it anti-competitive to restrain an agent from representing a party who wants to be represented by him?

  • Is 2 years too short a time to develop a player's career?

  • Should a player under contract to an agent have the right to represent himself?

  • Is it time for a fully representative task force to assume responsibility for advising on the regulation of agents?

  • Should the PFA be a union or an agency?

The World Anti-Doping Code A Legal Minefield For Athletes And Sports Bodies

Speaker - Michele Verroken - Sporting Integrity

    This presentation will examine the impact of the new Code introduced from January 2009 and its legal and sporting impact. From data protection to changes in the disciplinary process, the Code has divided the sporting community it is intended to protect. Can athletes manage their careers without legal advisers?