Sport And The Law - 2010

Sport And The Law - The 2010 Conference

The Eighth Annual Sport And The Law Conference

Wednesday 26th May 2010

The Rembrandt Hotel, 11 Thurloe Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW7 2RS
from 9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

CPD accredited by The Law Society and The Bar Council for 6 hours CPD

295.00 per delegate, or 265.00 per delegate if booking by Wednesday 12th May 2010

Lunch and refreshments for delegates included in the conference fee.

For booking information, please download a pdf brochure or contact Nigel Lipton for a printed copy.

Conference Contents

Conference Chairman - Dr. Anna Semens - Coventry University

The Biological Passport - A New Era In The Fight Against Doping?

Speaker - Peter Beisty - Field Seymour Parkes

This presentation will deal with the following:-

  • The background to the biological passport.

  • Its trial use by the UCI (Cycling Union) and ISU (Speed Skating Union).

  • The Claudia Pechstein case.

  • UK Anti-Doping's adoption of the WADA scheme.

  • Mediation and Med-Arb.

  • The legal implications.

Sporting Mega-Trends: What Next For Sports Law?

Speaker - Professor Simon Chadwick - Coventry University

This presentation will deal with the following:-

  • Highlighting the size, scale and nature of the sport industry.

  • Identifying key emerging trends and developments in sport.

  • Analysing key emerging trends and developments in sport, with particular reference to available academic research in these areas.

  • Indicating possible areas of relevance and importance for sport law.

  • Indicating possible areas of relevance and importance for sport managers.

(1) The UEFA 6&5 Rule
(2) The Proposed Financial FIFA Fair Play Rules

Speaker - Matthew Clark - Elborne Mitchell

These presentations will deal with the following:-

  • The adverse effects of the proposed 6+5 Rule on English Football.

  • The adverse effects of the proposed FIFA Financial Fair Play Rules on English Football.

  • Are there any beneficial effects arising out of these proposals.

  • Political factors.

  • European Law implications.

  • What is likely to happen?

How Much Protection From The Paparazzi Can Celebrity Sportsmen And Sportswomen Expect From The Law?

Speaker - Robert Deacon - 11 Stone Buildings

This presentation will deal with the following:-

  • Special considerations attaching to photographs in the field of informational privacy.

  • The important distinction between taking photographs and their publication.

  • Covert photography.

  • When photography steps over the line to become harassment.

  • Super injunctions.

Sports Tribunals And Regulatory Bodies: Tips And Tactics

Speaker - Christina Michalos - 5 Raymond Buildings

International, national and regional sports regulatory bodies and associations have immense power over clubs and individual sporting participants. They establish, amend and adjudicate upon the rules and regulations which affect the playing and the business of sport. The significance and the power of sporting regulatory bodies and associations can not be underestimated. This presentation will examine issues to be considered when dealing with the regulators including likely areas of appeal and procedural tactics.

Anti-Doping Regulations - Lacuna & Tripwires

Speaker - Michele Verroken - Sporting Integrity Ltd.

Compliance with Anti-Doping Regulations standards set by the World Anti-Doping Agency is set out as a minimal checklist for sports organisations, yet the application of the Code needs closer analysis to ensure that sporting and legal issues are taken into account. This presentation will look at the sporting and legal issues arising from:-

  • Whereabouts responsibilities, problems and concerns.

  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions; who, what, when and how.

  • Testing, failure is not an option.

  • Social drugs testing.

  • It's not what you know, it's who you know, the advent of 'intelligence' in anti-doping.

  • Where next in anti-doping, biological passports and profiling.

  • Supplements, challenges and potential solutions.

  • Athlete support personnel, the new anti-doping target.